Summary MedInBio 2018

The 2nd edition of the Biomedical and Biotechnological Transfer Forum MedInBio took place on November 8 at the Health Technology Park (PTS) of Granada. This new edition was a success, where we have participants from different Spanish cities. Once again, the attendees highlighted the fluidity and dynamism of the event, as well as the closeness and the adequate number of participants from the different areas.

In this edition some changes were made with respect to the previous edition. These were done considering the suggestions received in the survey conducted after the event. However it seems that not all changes liked, so these suggestions for future editions will be taken into account.

Thank to the Fundación Parque Tecnológico de la Salud (Technology Park Health Foundation) for their help and for offering us the space. Thanks also to our sponsors, Caja Rural de Granada and Omologic, and all our collaborators. Without all of them this new edition of MedInBio would not have been possible.

MedInBio in numbers

In this new edition we received requests from different Spanish cities, managing to expand MedInBio outside the Andalusian region. Where in the last edition practically all the participants were from Granada.

The participants were 50, 25 out of them made a pitch. Within the B2B platform provided by TTAndalucía, 16 participants registered for a total of 28 meetings. However, the meetings that took place during coffee breaks and networking have not been counted.

Forum participants came from the different areas of bioinformatics and biotechnology: entrepreneurs, researchers and foundations, doctors, and professionals from the Life Sciences sector.

After the event, we also conducted a satisfaction survey, where our assistants corroborate the success and left us suggestions to improve in future editions. Some of the participant answers were those shown in the figure below.

(The measures are established from worst (1) to best (5), receiving the opinion of 42% of the participants).

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